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Income Revolution

What is Income Revolution and why is Sean Hannity promoting it?

Income Revolution is promoted on the Sean Hannity radio show and advertisements like this one can also be found on his website.”Want to work from Home? Well… We can help”

Lets face it, in this day and age there are many people interested in starting a home business or joining a home business opportunity instead of picking up a second or in some cases third job. For more information on starting a Home Based Business look here: Home Based Business

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I recently read another review on this same topic and was surprised to see quite a number of comments and miss guided claims of people having the “inside information” around what Income Revolution really is.

One of the claims that jumped out at me was that “By advertising on the radio and allowing people to join directly through a website is to shoot your own distributors in the foot.”

I find it really funny when I read claims and comments from people who have no idea what they are talking about. Let me break down the reasoning behind the website and radio advertising, no it is not to “allow people to join directly through the website”

The purpose of the website is to generate leads for people who are part of the Nutrie company. If you read under the “Next Step” Button “By submitting my personal information above, I hereby expressly consent to having someone contact me about becoming a Nutrie “Brand Partner.”

Further still you can join directly through the website and you will be placed under a qualified Nutrie member who will be able to guide you on getting your new business going.

You guessed it, Income Revolution is not shooting their members in the foot.

In fact Nutrie is doing the exact opposite. One of the challenges in a business such as Nutrie is finding like-minded people interested in a work from home business. Most new people in network marketing can not afford to spend tens of thousands on advertising.

On the same note most people who have the “stones” to take the control over their future away from their job and into their own hands by starting a home business or joining a business opportunity do not want to drive all over town and be away from the house.

Most people looking to work from home want to do exactly that. What Nutrie has done is make it easier for their members to grow their own business by providing them with this advertising service. Which they can use as part of their marketing plan to grow their business.

The bulk of people who join a home business opportunity spend their days hosting home parties, talking to friends, family and anyone who will listen.

In my personal opinion Nutrie has taken network marketing to a whole new level by using income revolution as a portal to bring in quality leads to help their members. This is “Revolutionary” in the industry. (pun intended)

What does this new idea bring to the table regarding network marketing?

Most home based business opportunities marketing strategies are based on methods that were used in the 1980’s. First your coach will tell you to make a list of your friends and family or center of influence (COI).

You are then told to go through the list and pitch everyone on it about your products, services and opportunity. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a great way to get started and it gives you a bit of practice, however what do you do when your list runs out?

This is where most people stop growing in their business and either quit or start writing scam claims and bad reviews about a network marketing business because they don’t know what to do from here and neither does their coach.

Again in my personal opinion this is where Income Revolution comes into play. You have started your home based business, you have spoken to you center of influence.

It is highly likely you have sold some products, had a few of your friends join the business and you have made a few hundred to a few thousand bucks.

Now you are trained in your business and you have the skills you need to use the internet marketing system to grow your business beyond your center of influence.

Problem Solved.

Yes I am a Proud Nutrie Brand Partner! I have studied Network Marketing for over 2 years and found Nutrie to be the best opportunity available.

You are here to find information about working from home and how Income Revolution can help you. Look no further my friend take the next step and get your home business started today with a knowledgeable coach.

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